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Our Value to you

One of our guiding principles is that

“Good value for money is the optimal use of resources to achieve the intended outcomes.”

We apply this principle in our services for clients to ensure that they can benefit too. We encourage and train Enterprise Architects to achieve good value for money and to be successful.

By creating the benefit of reuse within the Enterprise Architecture we encourage the reduction of both development and operating costs. How we do this is through training and skills development of Enterprise Architecture throughout the organization.

We understand that successful business involves complex decisions at every turn. To succeed you need the right strategy, a clear view of changes required in your organization & the technology solutions that transform & deliver results. And “savvy” people!

All Decision Makers need Enterprise Architecture Skills

Developing skills through effective training ensures that the organization receives their enterprise architecture benefits faster and builds sustainable business advantages.

Training all levels of staff in the use and participation of enterprise architecture best practices standards and competencies enables your organization to operate more effectively and achieve your outcomes faster. Every decision maker needs be part of these initiatives – how else will your organization survive?

We can train all the stakeholders and help them play a successful role in your enterprise architecture – that’s one of our secrets of success.
And we can train your senior executives in how to make enterprise architecture work for them.

Approach to Enterprise Architecture

A structured approach to enterprise architecture using best practice methodology such as TOGAF® ensures senior executives see tangible results, aligned to the business strategy fast.

Employing TOGAF® gives a full audit trail of your business improvement and processes in line with your statutory requirements, business goals and strategies. TOGAF® has been specifically developed to be vendor neutral, not locking you into one vendor or set of solutions allowing you full control of your systems as you evolve your Enterprise Architecture.

We encourage innovation too in our face to face training and workshops – we even have a method for this that we can share with you. Our role is to ensure that you receive best value for your organization. This is a cornerstone of our added value to the Enterprise Architect Community.

Our People Value

Our people are also critical to your success and we bring you the best quality instructors and subject matter experts to ensure that we develop and build a high quality Enterprise Architecture community and provide leadership in methods and standards.

Our reputation has been built on the quality of our continued creation and delivery of training programs and support services that our customers want, and it is one of the criteria that we continually build to win us a market leadership.

ATE Enterprises has a robust and rigorous internal quality assessment for trainers and materials. Our trainers have that wonderful combination of expertise and practical war stories. We actively seek out the best of the best to work with us and to pass on their knowledge to experienced and developing Architects.

Industry Leadership

ATE Enterprises has been involved with The Open Group and the development of TOGAF® since its establishment. We have instructors who are active major contributors and editors who are continually involved with the development of TOGAF® , the certification standards and all things related to Enterprise Architecture.

That includes SOA and the Cloud, Security and Real Time systems, ArchiMate and other capabilities required for success. Our people are world-class experts with in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. This is complimented with real life experience in the practice of Enterprise Architecture in Fortune 500 companies,Governments across many industries.

We aim to be the best

We endeavour to deliver good value for money – we keep our costs to a minimum and are never knowingly undersold so whatever your budget constraints we will have something to offer so please have the conversation with us.

There are lots of ways to get in contact, you can press the button on the top right-hand side of this box, or if you would like to call to discuss your Enterprise Architecture questions then we are always here to help.

UK : +44 (0) 333 320 2334 (telephone)
USA : +1-203-945-8758
Australia/ NZ : +61 2 8860 6419

Or Email to : sales@ate.enterprises

“Good value for money is the optimal use of resources to achieve the intended outcomes.”