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Certificate: Certificate on Completion Duration: 15 hours, self-paced
Course Price: £299.00 per user Language English

About BPMN
This course will teach you how to create good BPMN models with clear process logic that can be shared across your organization. You will learn how to create end-to-end diagrams that are correct according to the rules of the BPMN specification. The course will teach you how to adhere to a common modelling method, allowing you to create diagrams that can be shared consistently across all business domains, including IT.

Course Overview
Maintained by the Object Management Group, BPMN(Business Process Model and Notation) is the de-facto notation standard for business process modelling. It provides a common graphical language for end-to-end business process workflows that can be readily adopted and understood in all areas of the business. BMPN is a generic standard designed for adoption across all industries and business communities.

This e-Learning course will teach you everything you need to create precise BPMN process models that can be clearly understood and adopted by the wider business. The course has been designed & written by leading BPMN training experts. This is an interactive e-learning course, with audio and narrative training and step-by-step exercises

Students of this course will be able to confidently apply the rules, methodology and style of the industry standard business process modeling notation.

With this course, you’ll receive 6 months access from the date of purchase as well as FREE 24-hour tutor support!

  • 15 hours of course material included
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Course Syllabus – BPMN 2.0 eLearning Part 1:

Course Overview
In this module you will get an overview of the course, the key objectives, and the Orbus BPMN modeling tool that you will use.

What is BPMN?
In this module you’ll learn about what BPMN is, the ways in which it is similar to and different from traditional flowcharts, and why understanding BPMN has become the critical foundation skill required for anything you do in BPM.

Getting Started with BPMN
In this module you will learn how to use the Orbus BPMN 2 Template to create simple BPMN diagrams that include tasks, gateways, and multiple end states.

Course Syllabus – BPMN 2.0 eLearning Part 2:

Events Overview and Using Timer Events
In this module you will learn about the various ways in which BPMN uses intermediate events, the important events you need to learn, and how to use the first of the “Big 3” event types, Timer.

Sending, Receiving, and Using Message Events
In this module you will learn about sending and receiving messages in BPMN and the proper use of Message events.

Using Error, Event Sub-processes, and the Other Level 2 Events
In this module you will learn how to use the Error event, and understand event sub-processes and the other Level 2 event types.

Branching and Merging
In this module you will learn more about branching and merging with gateways and conditional sequence flows.

In this module you will learn how to use loop and multi-instance activities and multi-pool structures to describe iterative behavior in BPMN.

Following the Rules, and Next Steps
In this module you will learn about the BPMN metamodel, XML, and rules, and the importance of model validation, along with suggestions for further learning

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