Businesses need good strategy and good strategy needs to be managed by the right people. We can in a way compare it to football. Football relies on great players who will deliver value and results to their Clubs. On some occasions, a footballer’s value runs its course and they no longer deliver the results required. This could be caused by lack of stamina, skills or changes to tactics which the player has not taken into consideration.

The same applies to business strategy and Enterprise Architecture where you need the right people who will deliver value and results while being conscious of changes and disruptions that can and will occur. Enterprise Architects are required to deliver value in the short term, in doing so they create value for the business which inspires confidence that they are on top of the strategic requirements defined by the business.  Like football, this short term value needs to be complimented by to ability to support changes when the Organisation responds to (or creates) disruption in the market.

Businesses need to have right people to design, build and execute the right enterprise architecture and deliver against the strategy in a way that allows the business to be agile, flexible and prepared for unexpected changes.  ATE Enterprises helps Organisations to develop their people through our EA training programmes.  We know how important it is to support business strategy by having the right team in place. Talk to us and let us know how we can help you and your team to be the right building and management force when it comes to the enterprise architecture and business strategy.

Kris Wojtyra – Business Development Executive EMEA