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In partnership with Triversa Judith Jones, CEO of AtE Enterprises, was selected to highlight the benefits of implementing TOGAF® as the standard Enterprise Architecture framework within the banking industry of Nigeria. AtE has had a presence in Nigeria for many years and is now working in partnership with Triversa to help companies within the banking industry to implement the framework and help align the methodology of Enterprise Architecture across the sector. We have seen the benefits of the framework implemented by companies within the United States and Europe and are excited that Nigeria has decided on this course of action.

The Nigerian banking sector is showing real ambition in their drive to improve deliverables and this is incredibly welcome news. We do not see why the Nigerian banking sector could not be, not only the leader of their continent in such measures, but why they could also be world leaders in financially oriented Enterprise Architecture. The results will remain to be seen in the short term as their current Architecture capability and maturity is to be assessed, no doubt there is much work to be done. However, once the framework is in place and the impact on the ROI begins to become clear, the sky really does become the limit as to what they can achieve with this.

Triversa really have done excellent work in preparation of things to come and we are truly excited about their role in this process. We look forward to working with them and the Central Bank of Nigeria to help them reach their ambition and truly make their Enterprise Architecture the envy of the world.