What is SOA for Enterprise Architects?

Our Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for Enterprise Architects training solutions is designed for Enterprise Architects and IT Professionals who want to take an architected approach to the development of SOA in their enterprises. This course is based on the work achieved in The Open Groups SOA Work Group and describes how TOGAF® is used to define SOA and is geared towards providing the Enterprise Architect with an approach, a process and some basic tools and techniques that have proven to be of benefit in the development of Enterprise Architecture based SOA.

Why SOA?

So why SOA? Enterprise Architects are immersed in change management – working from the “As-Is” to the “To-Be”. SOA, if delivered as an architectural style, has the promise of delivering tighter coupling with the business drivers and strategy of the organization, lower cost profiles and effective reuse.

The SOA Course

This course develops and fosters a common understanding of SOA in order to facilitate alignment between the business and information technology communities. It takes a top down business approach, as supported by TOGAF and other standards developed in The Open Group and emphasizes the need for integration in a holistic Enterprise Architecture environment.